New Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II Copy Watch 2019

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New Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II Copy Watch – Limited Edition Watch 2019

This is already the second edition of “Sang Blue” watches Hublot is presenting with Tattoo Artist Maxime Plescia-Buchi. The “Sang Blue I” collection, launched in 2016, is sold out. Whilst the latter appeared to be more or less two-dimensional, the Big Bang “Sang Bleu II” is more disruptive.

More ambitious than the Big Bang Sang Bleu launched in 2016, the new Big Bang Sang Bleu II passionately channels the design skills of world famous tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Buchi. A case with more finely-chiselled lines, conveyed in three dimensions. An expression of the passage of time, the hands – two elongated diamonds and an arrow – are stylised fragments of tattoos, set above a hypnotic chronographic movement.

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Hublot channels the creative inspiration of Maxime Plescia-Buchi into its three-dimensional angles and edges. The motif spans the case, cutting into its hexagonal bezel, juxtaposed against the hands with their geometric lines, and moulded onto the interchangeable bracelet. The dial plays with transparency, allowing glimpses of the Hublot in-house chronograph Unico movement. It is feat of construction, almost architectural in scope, in a 45mm case.

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A key component of contemporary Pop Culture, tattooing is no longer the sole preserve of a largely masculine underground scene. From a primitive practice to a celebrated field of Art, and cultural phenomenon, its growing creative influence shows tattooing is not merely a trend but a cultural shift which will last and influence all generations to come.

The new Big Bang Sang Bleu II is the horological expression of a tattoo, set in motion with timeless precision, unifying materials and crafts through geometry by Sang Bleu’s founder.

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“The geometrical shapes he uses in his tattoos are very rare, very unique,” says Sberro, noting that Plescia-Buchi is an extremely hands-on collaborator. “Hublot’s design team was able to integrate those designs into the watch, but not just by applying an image on the dial or the strap, but by incorporating them into the movement, the heart of the watch.”

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