Watches tricks & tips & instructions

Watches tricks & tips & instructions

Important, Please DO NOT take the plastic off the watchband when you receive it. Try one and play with it. In case you do not like it or there is a defective on the watch so you can return in new condition for replacement or refund.

Q, My watch does not work when I receive it or only works a few second then stopped.

Automatic Movement watches
*If it is an automatic watch, then please wind it. It is likely that the watch runs out of energy during the journey.

To ensure that they remain water-resistant, some models are fitted with a screwed crown. Release it by turning it Counterclockwise until it is loose. Then you can wind it for 30 – 40 times by turn the crown clockwise. Once it is done, Push it and screw it tight back at the same time. By doing a manual winding of the watch, your watch will have 24-36 hours power reserve. The best way is wind the watch every night before you go to bed. So it will keep time even you do not move it.

*If still does not work after you wound it or shake it, contact our customer service for warranty.

Quartz Movement watches
Quartz chronographs never need to be wind.

Chronograph watches
If your watch has a Chronograph function, the big second hand will stay at 12 o’clock. If you would like to make it work, press the 2 o’clock pusher to start and stop. Press the 5 o’clock pursher to reset to 12 o’clock. We suggest to keep the big second hand at 12 o’clock when you do not use the stop watch function to save battery and energy.

Q, How to set the time and date?

Set the time
Unscrew the crown or just pull the crown out to position III and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to set the desired time. The seconds hand stops at this point. As soon as the time setting has been synchronized, push the crown back down into position I (and tighten it back down on models with a screwed crown). Suggestion: Only set the time forward, not backward.

Set the date
Unscrew the crown or just pull the crown out into position II and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise until the correct date is displayed. During this operation, only the hour hand rotates

Q, Why my Chronograph watch second hand does not work?

Chronograph watches the big second hand normally stay at 12 o’clock to save energy. To make chronograph working, unscrew the crown or just pull the crown out into position II and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise until the correct date is displayed. During this operation, only the hour hand rotates

Q, How to fix / set Chronograph second hand to 12 Oclock position

If your Japan Quartz Chronograph watch not resetting or aligned to 12 o’clock position, you can adjust it easy by yourself. Pull out the crown to the position III where you can set the time, after that push the button at 2 o’clock position, the second will move step by step. Push the button until the second hand stop at 12 o’clock. then tight back the crown. This is how to reset second hand to 12 o’clock position. Easy adjustable.

Q, I use my chronograph often and the battery life seems to last less than one year. What should I do?

Using the chronograph function often or leaving it running constantly will shorten battery life considerably. It is important to understand that more battery power will be required to enable all of the functions other than basic timekeeping. In fact, if left running for extended periods of time, electronic chronograph/stopwatch functions on some watches will stop running automatically. To conserve battery power, it is best to stop the chronograph function when the need for timing is completed.

Q, I’ve had the watch for a year. Should I replace the battery just to be safe?

it is not advisable to replace the battery until it is absolutely necessary. Opening the case presents the possibility of compromising the factory seals, resulting in the need to perform water-resistant maintenance before it is required. The old adage “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” holds true for battery-operated watches.

Q, How to get moisture out of your watch?

First thing you need to do if the water seepage into your watch. Unscrew the crown and pull out to position II to stop the watch working.

Then use a hair dryer on its lowest setting to heat the watch. The rise in the surface temperature of the watch may cause the water inside to evaporate.

Hold the watch face next to a lit, hot light bulb. Depending on how hot the metal of your watch gets, you may want to handle it with gloves or a towel.


Avoid exposing your watch to sudden, extreme temperature changes. The air trapped between the watch crystal and the watch face can condensate if it’s heated then cooled rapidly. Prying off any part of your watch (the back or the crystal) may void your warranty. Use only non-invasive techniques if you want the warranty to remain valid.
Q, My screw-in watch crown is hard to tight.

Please screw it in counterclockwise a little bit then screw it in clockwise.

Goes back first, then forward will make it easier to tight.

Q, How do I adjust watch band size to smaller size?

We normally include screwdriver or pin remover tool with your watch order.

Watch band with screws
For the screw links, you need to use screw driver to unscrew two pins on any two consecutive links found on either side of your clasp, remove the link once it is completely detached from your bracelet. Slide all the remaining links together to align their pin holes. You should come up with one extra link and an extra pin. Save both in a safe place in case you need them in the future,

Here is the video to show you how to adjust rolex watch band,

Watch Band with pins
For the pin links, you need to use pin remover to push the pin out.


Please tight all the screws every couple months to make sure they stay tight.
Q, My watch band has a stripped link and can not hold the screw.

We have a trick for you that you can make the screw hold good in the hole. Please take the screw out and put some finger nail polisher on it, then screw it in. The screw will be hold when dry. You can also take it off later if you need. Better than glue.

Q, My Rolex watch clasp is loose ( or too tight), How to make it tight ( or loose) ?

Slightly bend inwards the sides of the flipping part so that it holds on tight after locking. Bend it in to make it tight. Bend it out to make it loose. Contact us if you are not sure how to do it.

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