Noob Release The V11 Rolex Submariner Watch Available in Black dial and Green Dial

Breaking News!!! The NOOB Rolex Submariner V11 version is available now, including 116610LN and 116610LV, almost this two models are the most popular Submariner in the market.

Noob V11 Rolex Submariner 116610LV Green Dial Swiss Replica Watches (2)

Last week just have some customers ask me ” do you have any ideas about the factory how soon will released the V11 Rolex?” I did not realize that Noob will publish the V11 so fast, as It’s not long since the V10 version released. I thought they will publish it in next years, or the fast is the end of this year, aha.

Back to the V11 Submariner 116610LN and 116610LV, the biggest change is below 4 key points in my opinion.


1. For Bezel: Very close to genuine green color ceramic bezel

2. For the buckle upgraded: The Buckle is with spring balls same as the latest genuine Rolex SUB version.

Setting way: The outer safety buckle of the buckle is the same as the original one. Just hold the inside of the buckle with your finger and press the buckle with another finger, and the outer safety buckle can be automatically opened. It is also an exclusive technology in the entire market.

3. For the Luminous: Add sapphire mirror to the outer layer of luminous stone

4. For the details of the parts: All the parts are interchangable with original, including case, bezel, bottom cover, inner cover, watch lug, strap, watch buckle. 

On the other hand, for the bezel number is upgraded too, it makes the font color durable, and it will not fade or turn black when it meets water and oil.

This New V11 Submariner also with imported high-component genuine 904L steel watch case and watch band, Not a few manufacturers use 316 to affix a label to pretend to be, which is truly strong in hardness, high in density, corrosion and scratch resistance.

Movement is the same as V10 version Swiss 3135 movement, working very stable and accuracy.

Pls check below photos for this V11 Rolex and click link for more details:

Noob V11 Rolex Submariner 116610LV Green Dial Swiss Replica Watches (1)

New Noob Factory V11 Rolex Submariner Black Dial Swiss Replica Watches 904L (1)IMG_0970 IMG_0971

IMG_0969 IMG_0967


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