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We have a lot of customers asked us, what movement do you put in your Rolex Watches? What is Mingzhu movement?  What is Swiss movement? What’s the different between Mingzhu, Clone ETA and Swiss ETA? Do you have ETA2813 movement? What is 9015 movement etc.  Or what is 8500 movement?  I realized that we used to only have Mingzhu, Clone ETA, Swiss ETA and 7750 automatic movements. But suddenly  came up with a lot of new name for the movements recent years.

You are not the only one that confused, but we are also a little confused. We found some comparison between the various types of movements in reps and it’s something that buyer would find useful.  It might not totally correct,  We will update and correct the post with any useful info and correction that you guys come up with.

1. Mingzhu Automatic movement – Some other sites call it ETA2813 /DG2813 to sounds better. Actually they are the same movements. 21 Jewel. This is a generic term used to cover a wide variety of cheap Chinese movements – some are better than others, but as a general rule they are low-beat (21,600vph / 6 ‘ticks’ per second) movements, Low cost but generally reliable and easy to live with. Usually automatic, but occasionally hand wind, dependent on the watch.  A lot of really nice budget watches come with these fitted. Price range around $90.00 – $250.00

Most of our standard quality Rolex Datejust, Day-date, Submariner watches come with Mingzhu Automatic Movement. For example,

2. Asian ‘clone’ ETA: These are literally copies/clones of the equivalent Swiss (ETA) movements. Generally very high quality, very reliable , reasonable price and with parts interchangeable with the Swiss equivalent. High beat (28,800) and great value. Probably the best choice of movement for higher-quality reps as they give the smooth sweep found in most gen watches. If you do not want to spend too much money for a Swiss one, go with Asian ETA. Price range around $300-$460.00. For example. 

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II Asian Swiss Automatic Movement SS Watch
Exact copy
New 2016 Swiss Replica Tudor PELAGOS SS Black Watch 1-1
The Newest Version

3. Swiss ETA 2836 (and variants): Originally made in Switzerland genuine ETA (owned by swatch group) Swiss automatic movements. Rolex put Swiss ETA2836 in their Tudor watches. 28800bph, Proven and reliable movement.  Beware that they are very hard to tell from the clone version, and not many dealers can be relied upon to supply the gen ETA vs. the clone (We are the ones that tells you either it is Clone ETA or Real Swiss ETA). As a general rule, you will tend to receive either the Asian clone version. When you order from us, If we say real Swiss ETA it is REAL. You can take the watch to any jeweler to verify the movement. Price Range $500.00 – $900.00

New Upgraded Version - Swiss Rolex Deepsea D-Blue 44mm 1:1 Swiss ETA2836 Movement
New Upgraded Watch Case – More Accurate to original

4. Rolex 3135 copy. This is a clone ETA automatic movement with modified rotor and bridges. It’s not going to convince anybody who knows their Rolex movements and tends to be less reliable than the alternatives (as well as being more expensive!). Not recommend.


5.Miyota 9015. With the disappearance of gen ETA movements, Very Thin movement. some reps are now coming with Japanese Miyota-sourced movements. The 9015 is a case in point – a high-beat 28,800vph 25 jewel movement that is an excellent alternative to ETA or clone ETA models mentioned above. Highly reliable and very good quality.  Don’t hesitate. Omega 8500, Audemars Piguet 3120, They are all Miyota 9015 automatic movement with modified rotor and bridges.  For example:

Swiss 9015 Patek Philippe White Face Rose Gold Watch
 Omega 8500 Automatic look like


Chrono movements:

1, Japan OS chrono: Basically a cheap quartz chrono movement, i.e. powered by a battery. Reliable, great timekeeper, cheap. If you can live with a ticking chrono hand (and seconds subdial) rather than the smooth sweep provided by autos. Actually there are a lot of replica watches that are quartz but with smooth sweeping second hand. They are called Japan VK quartz movement.  Cost a little more than the tick quartz. But more accurate to original. There’s no reason not to buy one of these.

Most of the replica Rolex Daytona, replica Audemars Piguet, Panerai Quartz Chronograph watches have smooth sweeping second hands. Those are the some samples of the quartz with smooth sweeping second hand. For example:

Rolex Rainbow Daytona Watch SS Diamonds on lugs - AAA Super Quality
Diamond on Lugs

2, Asian Valjoux 7750: The standard automatic chrono movement used in a vast range of replica Chronograph watches. It is a clone of the real Swiss Valjoux 7750 automatic movement.  Smooth sweeping second hand, working Chronograph & stop watch function.  Available in second hand operate at 6 o’clock or 9 o’clock.  For example: 

Replica Rolex 7750 Daytona watch SS White Dial Black Ceramic Bezel
3, Swiss Valjoux 7750:  Used only in real watches, Not available to the rep makers because ETA quit supplying ebauches to makers outside Swatch Group.  Real Valjoux 7750 watch will be at least $1000.00 or more.  So far, haven’t found any replica that has Swiss Valjoux 7750.
That’s all for now, we will add more to our blog in the future.

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