Is it worth buying an expensive watch?

For many men, watches like cars are a way to demonstrate success. It is an opportunity for the rich to differentiate themselves from the other rich and poor.

To be fair, for lovers of horology an expensive timepiece could be a connection to the past. There was a time when watches were not just jewelry but a necessity. Once watches moved from the vest pocket onto the wrist, they became a sign of wealth and industry.

For the most part, gentlemen have relied on a watch for work or play and a more expensive timepiece for special occasions. Now there is a watch for every activity including the traditional dress watch. Business attire is more casual so the purveyors of high-end time wear have pricey casual watches. When it comes to any luxury goods you have to ask yourself, is the expense worth the joy a spendy watch provides and will you still appreciate it in a few months or years from now.


Also it’s totally depends on what you do for a living?

If you have a corporate job , Yes a good expensive dress watch suits you.

If you have a govt job. Still going for a good watch is a must.

If you work on any Labour Oriented work you can avoid.

But whatever, here are some reasons of you why buy an expensive watch?

1. You Have Lusted Over It
2. You Admire The Craftsmanship
3. It Reminds You Of Your Own Achievements
4. It Is A Thing Of Beauty
5. It Commemorates A Special Occasion
6. It Can Be An Investment, Like wealth itself, watches are relative
7. It’s Part Of Who You Are

Noob Swiss 4130 Rolex Daytona White Dial Ceramic Bezel Watch (8)

Ultimately, although any watch can, for a period of time, do the simplest duty of keeping the time, luxury timepieces offer those willing to invest in them more than a lifetime of satisfaction.

The skilled craftsmanship that is behind these pieces and the inherent value of the precious metals that go into them ensure incomparable durability, precision, and retained value. The wearers of luxury timepieces are the men who may quietly sport possessions that are synonymous with refined wealth, yet whose success remains tastefully understated thanks to a true sense of class.

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