Owning a wrist watch with cool appearance and strong practicability is almost the dream of men. It has significant impact. But how to find a best replica watches for yourself?

I’ve been asked for many times about: ‘”Your watch how close to real one?”

It’s a good question,  So Today, I’ve sort out some watch information. Let’s talk about the New Released from “BLS Factory Breitling Navitimer B01 Panda Dial Chronograph Watch VS. Real one” as an example.


The classic Navitimer in its purest form, the B01 Chronograph boasts a design barely changed since it was first released 1952. With its innovative slide rule and characteristically busy dial, it’s instantly recognisable as a piece of Breitling – and horological – history.

Breitling – a brand synonymous with aircraft and flight.  Like this NEW Replica Breitling Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 43 watch is the best option for pilots. Its modest case size – 43mm case size isn’t too intimidating either means it’s still easy to read and operate but it’s not so bulky that it will get in the way.  As can be seen on the photos on this page.  3 colors in stock:  Black/White/ Blue dial


IMG_20200711_132929 IMG_20200711_132909


BLS Factory purchased the Real watch to copy and takes for 3 years to copy this  perfect Navitimer B01 Panda watch, every watch details they do it perfect and best and it’s 95% same as original.

Let’s see below how close to real one:


First, Compare the Dial VS. Real

As you can see the picture:

  • The detailed of the dial and color are the same as Original.
  • Gold Logo has good texture
  • Chronograph dial’s markers best copy as Original


Second, Compare the Hands VS. Real

As you can see the picture:

  • All sizes are best copy same as Original
  • The red color second hand same as Original
  • The Luminous groove size of the hour hand and minute hand are same as Original


Third, Compare the Bezel VS. Real

  • The Bezel Teeth Pattern ‘s size and QTY is same as Original
  • Rotating bezel feeling fine tuning as Original
  • BLS factory use the same printing process as Original, that makes most similar as the font size and color spacing and Three-dimensional font



Fourth, Compare the Back Cover VS. Real

As you can see the picture:

  • Same depth of the Engraving as Original
  • Detailed of the watch back cover is well engraved
  • The front is well-proportioned



Fifth, Compare the Thickness & Crown VS. Real

As you can see the picture:

  • BLS 15.80mm, Real one 15mm, It’s almost same thickness as Original
  • The Crown’s Exquisite workmanship and Without any flaws


Sixth, Compare the Watch Case & Crown VS. Real

As you can see the picture:

  • No Difference between the BLS one and Original
  • The watch tilt angle is same as Original, every detail BLS Factory makes it perfect copy



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