ARW Statement –

We only have this online store (ARW). Some one claims to be our employee. Attention: It is fraud! 

To all Customer,

We are sorry for the confusion and trouble caused to you, and please accept our gratitude for sending us this shocking email.

We took actions immediately and found it was one of our former employee who claimed to be our partner but in fact only one of our former support staffs. She took advantage of the position and collected the email address before leaving our company.

In fact, you are not the only who are troubled by she, our several valued customers also received the same email.

We have issued a warning for the slander, and hope she can stop the misbehavior. However, we have already suffered the loss caused by she.

Set up 8 years ago, our online store has been providing best quality product and after sales service in the market for all of our customers.

Lots of customers told us the products are beyond their expectations. This always encourage us to be more careful and responsible. To meet our customers’ needs, We take every effort to improve our service.8 year witness our ups and downs, and we are still here and will continue to be here.

Our warranty has been always effective. Even your watch is not under the warranty window, we can also provide repair service charging only for cost of parts.

You can find us through our official email, online live chat and whatsapp (ID: +8613428820558).

Our working time is from 9:00 to 19:00 GMT+08:00 China Time during the working days.

Your support and suggestions inspire us to greater efforts. Hope we have to honor to continue serve you.

ARW Team
We only have one site: (ARW)
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