How to take care of your automatic watch? 10 Tips For you

Owning a great watch is an achievement. Yet, you should take good care of it by learning the proper care and procedures when cleaning it to maintain its robust condition. Tips Below:

1. Never Wound It on your Wrist.

2. Wind your watch regularly (or wear them for automatic movements)

3. Avoid magnetic fields

4. Do not manipulate the crown or any push-buttons in the water.

5. Avoid extreme temperature variations. Mechanical movement do not like them.

6. Remove your watch before taking a shower

7. Check regularly the accuracy of your watch

8. About Water, Check Those Gaskets And Seals Regularly.

9. Keep It Clean, But Never Use Soap

10. Have Your Watch Serviced by a Professional

We hope those tips were useful and please share in the comments any other tips for taking care of your watches you might have! If your looking for a gift, you should check our ” ***Recommended By Other Customers” for a watch lover!

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